Innovative detection for smart & safe mobility


Let’s detect your needs

CAPSYS solutions help optimize, secure and regulate traffic and collective travel. In particular, they meet the following needs:

  • Prioritize access for public transport and priority vehicles at intersections and roundabouts
  • Command a traffic light according to the opening or closing of a bus or tram doors
  • Identify vehicles to secure access to an area (safe lane circuit…)
  • Detect the presence of vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians
  • Command switches, gates, bollards, direction of passage, lights
  • Transmit rolling stock geolocation data for real-time processing
  • Measure speed and identify traffic direction
  • Etc.


Magnetic sensors

Discover our complete range of magnetic sensors


Discover our complete range of radars



Safe rail detection and control system.
SIL certification


Système Complete rail detection and control system
Patented system

IH System

Microwave detection solution for priority management

IV System

Magnetic and selective detection solution for priority management


Radio geolocation detection solution for priority management

No smart mobility without efficient detection

This is on this added value that CAPSYS intervenes with its products and expert detection systems. They provide reliable data adapted to the specificities of each transport infrastructure and each rolling stock: buses, trams, BRT, etc. They act as neurotransmitters for mechanical, automatic or connected brains (on-board computers, AVL, etc.) that supervise, regulate and secure transport networks, traffic and access.

Detection solution for urban mobility

CAPSYS radars, detectors and systems capture physical data on presence, movement, distance, geolocation, speed, duration. They transmit them to analysis and control tools (displays, on-board computers, AVL, etc.) for local or remote, real-time or delayed processing. Integrated or integrable, they are fixed within the urban infrastructure or embedded into rolling stock.



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