Innovative detection for smart & safe mobility

Innovation & know-how


Located in the Grenoble region, our production site is at the heart of the Grésivaudan valley, in Bernin.
Resolutely committed to Made in France, Capsys has been designing and manufacturing its detection systems in its own workshops for over 30 years.
Capsys guarantees the reliability, robustness and durability of its products.

Detection specialist for uban mobility

CAPSYS develops magnetic and microwave detection solutions. The objective is to facilitate and securize traffic regulation for rail and road public transport as well as urban mobility.

Certification d'entreprise   SOCOTEC certification ISO 9001

An ISO 9001 certified company

Highly committed to quality, CAPSYS has been ISO 9001 certified for over 20 years and has implemented a policy of continuous improvement carried out by all its employees.

Customer service focus at each stage

Innovation is our DNA

Technology /market watch and sourcing
Of partners and suppliers

Investment, technical, implementation, propagation and implantation studies

Project engineering
AMO-MOE-MOA support, technical file, approval, co-development of system interfacing

Prototyping, industrialization, assembly, factory tests

Installation & commissioning
Fixed or on board material, software set-up

Maintenance & service department
Preventive analysis, verification, repair, replacement

Innovate together for smart and sustainable detection solutions

Innovation mobilizes 30% of CAPSYS’ resources and animates all its employees on a daily basis as well as many partners. It has historically focused on technical issues such as system intelligence, product performance and data reliability. CAPSYS’ innovation strategy integrates and fully invests technological (data sharing and supervision, digitalization, connected objects, 4/5G, V2X, ITxPT, etc.) and societal developments (smart city, energy savings, soft mobility, e-mobility).

Innovation is at the heart of the industrial culture and the development of CAPSYS.

An experienced R&D team, specialized and collaborative

Development of new products and systems, analysis of experience feedback, applied studies, support for advanced field diagnostics, renewal and improvement of existing ranges, are all challenges met with expertise and enthusiasm by CAPSYS

The R&D department gets 5 specialized domains

Microwave radars

Système de transmission bord/sol inductif

Inductive on board/ground transmission

Priorité adio/géolocalisation

Priority by radio/geolocation

Détection magnétique

Magnetic detection

Système sécuritaire dédié au rail

Security dedicated to rail

The R&D department includes engineers working in project mode and collaborating everyday with design offices, OEMs, manufacturers, transportation companies and communities.



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