Innovative detection for smart & safe mobility


Railway detection and control system

Secured detection and command system, SIL certification, for guided public transports urban and peri-urban

For which type of applications ?

  • Traffic Light Signalling
  • Switch commands
  • Depot management

Additional secured functions :

  • Secured detection with rolling stock differentitation
  • Crossing bn depending on type of rolling stock
  • Area protection

The principles

CAP’SIL is a patented solution which development complies with the SIL processes.
It combines

On board system

The on-board system transmits to the ground the commands, the ready for departure request, the tram-train identifier and the type of equipment. It also receives from the ground, the identity of the ground detection point, as well as acknowledgements of commands.

This on-board system interfaces with the AVL, the driver and the ground systems.
It securely identifies the type of train.

Ground system SIGFER / TLS

It transmits to the on board device the acknowledgements of the commands (left, median or right) and the ID of the ground as well as the information of selective presence of a tramway and the type of rolling stock.

It receives from the on board device the ID of the rolling stock, the commands, the type of train and the ready for departure.

The benefits


  • Durable patented system
  • Long-term rail warranty
  • Precise location of the command area
  • Degraded/additional mode of operation
  • Robust system, numerous installations and customer references


  • Multi function system, secured (SIL) version
  • Optimized operating and maintenance costs
  • Monitoring (alarm, speed and train direction dynamic measurement over the loop, approach timing, …)


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