Innovative detection for smart & safe mobility

IH System

Priority at traffic light system

Microwave transmission solution

For which application ?

  • Priority at traffic light
  • Service vehicle fleet management
  • Selective command of doors, bollards

The principles

This priority management system by microwave allows to :

  • Excellent wireless communication between the on board transmitter and the receiver on the traffic light controller
  • Transmission from one to several command orders (e.g., right, middle, left) using different codes
  • Long distance detection (500m in urban areas)

The IH system consists of two subsets :

  • An onboard transmitter that generates the commands
  • A receiver on the ground that transmits the received orders on dry contacts. This is a visual transmission with and adjustable range

The benefits

Optimal integration

  • No civil works, discreet integration in the urban environment (compact and aesthetic housing)
  • Optimized implementation cost
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easy access to the settings on the fron panel without disassembly
  • High reliability detection thanks to high frequency band 24. 125GHz
  • Rapid identification of a vehicle through long-distance communication


  • Resistance to all environments:
  • High protection rating : IP 66
  • Wide operating temperature range -30° to +70°C
  • High immunity to disturbances
  • System compatible with any manual command system (rotary selector or remote control type) or automatic (connection with a AVL )

IH System

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