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Railway detection and control system

Detection solutions of priority management and switch commands for guided public transports urban and peri-urban

CAP’SYSTEM is a patented system which manages the priority requests and the switch commands thanks to the magnetic or selective detection of a tramway.

For which application ?

For guided vehicles (tramways and light rail transportation) :

  • Tramway presence
  • Management of station entrance / departure
  • Imminent departure / ready for departure
  • Absolute priority at traffic light
  • Crossing of intersection
  • Switch command control
  • Location of the tram, tram-train, TVR position

The principles

CAP’SYSTEM is a patented system that manages traffic light priority requests and rail switch commands by detecting the magnetic or selective presence of a tramway.

CAP’SYSTEM meets the needs of :

  • Traffic Light Signalling (TLS)
    Automatic, semi-automatic and manual control of the traffic lights, ready for departure…
  • Location
    Identification and transmission of the geographical position of the guided vehicle, depot management
  • Switch commands
    Automatic and/or manual with exclusive confirmation function or not

CAP’SYSTEM is a comprehensive selective system based on bi-directional communication between the on-board system and the various ground systems. The operating principle is thus based on the permanently redundant transmission of the two subsystems .

On-board transmitter & receivers :
transmission of manual and automatic commands

Communication with ground antennas to manage traffic light signals, switch commands, location, speed, direction and setpoint

The benefits

Complete solution perfectly adapted to guided public transport

The patented CAP’SYSTEM solution is the result of many years of research, development and qualification with our partners, which allows us to guarantee reliable, optimal and sustainable operation.


Our references

  • More than 1000 vehicles of public transport equipped
  • More than 1000 switch commands systems deployed
  • Over 5000 priority systems deployed



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