Innovative detection for smart & safe mobility

R-FLEX radar


Multi-application detection for a smooth and safe traffic

For which application ?

  • Green light requirement
  • Green light extension for pedestrian
  • Warning sign activation on detection
  • Securing intersection or hazardous areas
  • Smart public lighting

The principles

R-FLEX radars are 24GHz doppler microwave sensors with high reliable detection. Its different versions adapt to all types of detection targets (vehicles, cycles and pedestrians) without suffering the constraints of the environment.

The detection triggers a signal to traffic light controllers, warning signs, public lighting equipment, etc… They are fully configurable via the Cap’Mobile app, which gives them great flexibility of use.

The R-Flex range adapts to multiple applications combining detection accuracy and speed measurement.

The benefits

  • Discreet, ultra compact and urban product
  • Easy integration into the urban environment
  • High resistance to disturbance
  • Easy and quick to instal with the Cap’Mobile apps
  • LED on front panel for status
  • Flexibility of settings and maintenance

The +

  • Multi-position fixing bracket
  • Radar high orientation flexibility
  • Small, safe, waterproof connectros
  • Easy set-up via Cap’Mobile apps
  • Adjustable range according to application
  • Information exchange radar to infrastructure via Cap’Mobile apps
  • Fully configurable outputs

R-Flex radar


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