Innovative detection for smart & safe mobility

RFSV Radar – R-Flex Series


Multi-application detection for smooth and safe road traffic

For which application ?

  • Traffic light Priority Management
  • Green light reward
  • Triggering signals on detection/warning
  • Safety of  intersections or critical areas
  • Dynamic public lighting

The principles

The RFSV radars of the R-FLEX range respond to the evolution of road traffic management by adapting to multiple applications combining detection accuracy and speed measurement.

Discreet, ultra compact and urban, these radars are 24GHz doppler-effect microwave sensors for high reliability detection. Its different versions adapt to all types of vehicles thanks to an adjustable range. The speed threshold, the direction of detection and the holding time can also be conditioned according to the applications.

The detection activates a signal to light controllers, warning signs, public lighting equipment, etc. They are fully configurable via the Cap’Mobile app, which gives them great flexibility of use.

The benefits

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Instant Bluetooth setup & maintenance
  • Reliable and adaptable detection
  • No civil work

The products benefits

  • Settings & maintenance by Cap’Mobile application
  • Adjustable range and outputs depending on applications
  • Flexible multi-position & multi-part mounting bracket
  • Front facing LEDs can be disabled
  • Discreet, secure, handy and waterproof connectors
  • 100% CAPSYS design
  • Integration and high environmental resistance

RFSV Radar – R-FLEX Range



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