Innovative detection for smart & safe mobility

RFSA Radar R-FLEX Series


Specific detection to active mobility for a safe and fluid shared urban space

For what types of applications ?

  • Green or Priority Request
  • Green extension on pedestrian crossing or crossroads
  • Securing intersections and pedestrian crossings
  • Dynamic public lighting
  • Triggering of signals subject to speed, direction

The principles

RFSA radars are the Active Mobility version of the new R-FLEX range. They have been designed to have a specific algorithm and a range adapted to the optimal detection of cycles, pedestrians and other personal moving devices (PMD). They are thus designed to integrate and regulate all types of urban travel, for a safe and shared urban space.

The benefits

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Instant Bluetooth setup & maintenance
  • Reliability and adaptability of detection
  • No civil work

The products benefits

  • Design adapted to detect active mobility
  • Settings & maintenance by Cap’Mobile application
  • Adjustable range and outputs depending on applications
  • Flexible multi-position & multi-part mounting bracket
  • Front facing LEDs can be disabled
  • Discreet, secure, handy and waterproof connectors
  • 100% CAPSYS design
  • Integration and high environmental resistance

RFSA Radar – R-FLEX Range



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