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Capsys and NeoGLS, a new alliance for V2X Traffic Light Priority

Capsys and NeoGLS, two leading players in their fields, have created an industrial alliance to design a V2X traffic light priority system for guided (tram, tram-train) and unguided (BUS, shuttle) public transport.

In order to meet environmental challenges, transport has undergone significant changes in recent years, taking into account the opportunities generated by digitalization and the new standards of connected infrastructures.

These necessary evolutions are ongoing and the growing interest in connected, cooperative and autonomous vehicles has already been demonstrated, particularly for public transport : traffic fluidification, anticipation of hazards, fleet management, connections to multiple actors … and all in real time. So many opportunities that improve the attractiveness of transport and the level of service for the benefit of users, territories and operators.

The traffic light priority is a major lever for the policy of the organizing authorities who promote the modal shift and the use of public and alternative transport to reduce the carbon footprint of mobility.

Together, NeoGLS and Capsys have designed an offer of V2X traffic light priority system for public transport by unifying their respective expertise :

  • Priority at traffic light and in-depth knowledge of the safety development processes for CAPSYS
  • Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) for NeoGLS

The V2X priority solution of Capsys/NeoGLS makes it possible to offer their customers and partners an innovative and efficient priority operating system, for all types of vehicles, by integrating new functional safety requirements. There are many additional use cases, such as service and emergency vehicles, vulnerable users, cycles, logistics, etc.

For more than 25 years, Capsys has been offering guided and unguided traffic light priority systems worldwide. From its recognized references, Capsys has designed multi-technology priority systems (radio, geolocation, magnetic, selective and/or microwave detection) that meet the needs of customers in terms of public transport.

NeoGLS, for its part, is a French company pioneer in V2X technologies and masters the C-ITS chain as a whole (OBU, RSU, ITS stack, monitoring platform, use cases, pro embedded application, consumer embedded application). With more than 20 years of experience in interfacing and integrating their solutions with other road management tools, NeoGLS has also successfully deployed its V2X solution on several national and international projects such as, SCOOP, C-Roads, InDiD…

Julien Ancelin, President of Capsys : « I am convinced that this strategic partnership of our 2 SMEs is the best opportunity to meet future needs. The expertise in our respective businesses and the agility of our teams will be key to the success of our alliance ».

 André Perpey, manager of NeoGLS : « A win-win partnership where everyone brings their know-how to design solutions for the mobility of tomorrow … »



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