Innovative detection for smart & safe mobility

STM magnetic sensors

Magnetic sensors

Presence detection solution for all types of vehicles

For which type of application ?

  • All types of vehicles detection (cars, cycles, trucks, bus, motocycle)
  • Trafic management
  • Priority at traffic light
  • Green wave regulation
  • Turn left
  • Highways tolls

The principles

The single-channel STM sensor works on the principle of magnetic induction. Combined with an induction loop placed in the ground, the sensor reacts to any metallic presence and send the information to the management system (crossroads controller, terminal automation, etc.).
The detector offers a wide range of settings with a compact size.

The benefits

  • Compact
  • Ease of installation and settings
  • Detection performance and reliability
  • Robust material
  • Adjustable setting on front panel
  • Adjustable sensor sensitivity
  • Ease of maintenance and full diagnosis.

STM magnetic sensor

Our references

Over 300 000 delivered sensors.



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