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RXC radar


For which type of application ?

  • Traffic light triggering
  • Crossroad coordination
  • Traffic jam detection
  • Overspeed detection / over speed signalling
  • Direction discrimination
  • Green wave regulation type
  • Warning sign triggering

The principles

RXC radars are Doppler microwave sensors operating in the 24GHz band. They detect any type of vehicle and trigger the green, or activate an warning sign by transmitting the detection signal to a light controller or other control unit.

The RXC radars integrate discriminating functions (over/under speed of a vehicle and its direction), which gives them a great flexibility of use.

Its high frequency allows high performance with a range of up to 150 meters. The radar parameters can be adjusted remotely (via a remote control – as an option) or directly with the switchgear on the front panel (range, the direction, the speed threshold, or its sensitivity).

The benefits

  • Easy and quick installation without civil work
  • No maintenance
  • Reliable and durable detection
  • Detection range flexibility
  • Adjustable settings
  • Paramétrages adaptables
  • Range up to 150m

RXC radar


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