Innovative detection for smart & safe mobility

RXC radar – active mobilities


For which type of application ?

  • Cyclists or pedestrians detection
  • Green liht extension on pedestrian crossing
  • Pedestrian/cyclist light triggering
  • Warning sign triggering
  • Cycling path, crossroads smart lighting

The principles

The active mobilities RXC radars increase the security of urban areas vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. With a specific algorithm and a range adapted to active mobilities, the RXC radar allows optimal detection of cycles and pedestrians with or without speed threshold.

This radar uses the principle of the Fizeau Doppler effect in a frequency band of 24.125 GHz. It activates a signal to a traffic light controller that enables the command of traffic lights, information panels or street lighting.

The benefits

  • Easy and quick installation
  • No civil work, no maintenance
  • Reliable and adjsutable detection
  • Detection algorithm specific to active mobilities
  • Over / under speed threshold for specific detection

RXC radar – active mobilities


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