Inductive loops detectors « ST »

Housing box for the Capsys STE Eurocards, it can gather from 4 to 24 detection points in a small space.
The rack is THE solution to optimize your loop installation :
– Space saving, easy-to-integrate in a traffic lights controller.
– Cost saving, many detectors multiplexed and compacted in a small space.
– High adaptability : two possible wiring for Inputs/ outputs from front face or back face.


  • Complex intersections management
  • Green wave regulation
  • intersections coordination
  • Parking acces control
  • Parking barriers management
  • Parking occupancy management
  • Tollgate control


  • 1 model : 41F
  • Perfect integration from two to six cards
  • Connection on DIN41612 D
  • Temporal multiplexing.
  • Independent frequency plan control.
  • Removable power supply card, 230 VAC.