Transcap LR Series: wireless radio link system

Simplicity and modularity

The wireless radio link system TRANSCAP transfers in real-time the I/O states of remote sensors to the traffic lights controller box (TLC)

The new generation TRANSCAP uses the 868MHz UHF band which provides excellent performances in urban areas without telecommunications charges.

The use of a new processor CORTEX added up to innovative features make the operating more reliable and the installation easier.

The LR868 system consists of :

– a LRM interface module installed into the traffic lights controller box,

– a LRU radio modem, waterproof and without setting fixed on a post.

These two modules communicate via a particularly rugged RS485 serial link.

A build-in antenna version of the LRM module avoids any wiring connection and oversimplifies the installation and operation.


  • Complex intersections management
  • Contacts transfer to long distance detectors, traffic lights controller


  • Transmission range up to 800 m in unobstructed areas,
  • Radio link quality supervision,
  • Uni and bidirectional modes,
  • Up to 32 Inputs/outputs.