DI Capsee Series

Détecteur vidéo IMAGE SENSOR Multizone


High technology used for easiness and cost optimisation

– Optimised installation cost : DIS is a stand alone system, generating a virtual loop due to its embedded image process. It operates without any magnetic loop combination and prevents any roadwork overcost.

– No over cost for maintenance:the definition of the detection zone is achieved by DI’POINT, a simple remote control tool.

– An unparalleled housing level: Due to its compact and discreet design, DIS is compatible with any environment.

– Reliability: DIS adapts its detection process according to the light and weather conditions to provide permanently relevant information.


  • « Turn-on-left » detection
  • Bus lane detection
  • Cycle detection


  • Stand-alone detector.
  • Precise detection zone with adjustable size and shape.
  • Fixed presence time for static version: 4 mn
  • A range up to 16 m for static detection and up to 32 m for dynamic versions.
  • Easy setup, either on front access or by remote control DI’ POINT (Capsys patented).